“Concluded with tact”

Winner of the international award “The Golden Leaf of Lake Como” held in Cernobbio (Co) at Orticolario


A pier inside a boat. Renzo and Lucia flee under the archs of the pergola …

The archetypes are exalted and transmuted, the Genius loci brings with it the delicacy and strength with which the plants take possession of the structure, metal eroded by time that is reborn in poetry.

Along the path the signal lights are inserted at the foot of a series of “bollards” with the colored plane; the different energy absorption of different colors is perceived with tact as heat.


Interview with Roberto Benatti
Roberto Benatti, Giardini Benatti, Forest Expert and Agricultural Expert

The interview:

The last book you read? And the next?
“In the garden you are never alone” by Polo Pejrone then, I made myself captured and I just bought “The true gardener does not give up”

Your next trip?
Coast to coast N.Y. – L.A.

Favorite color?
If you mean in the garden, I do not have a favorite color, every color is essential. If you asked my children “what color does Dad prefer?” They would answer without delay “red!”

The plant that is closest to your heart?
I would not do without Hydrangea serrata

Where would you live?
In a Saracen tower overlooking the sea

Your favorite historical era?
I can not answer…
… with a little effort I would say between 1800 and 1900 when the trains steamed and the gardens were loved like precious stones.

Through a few words, do you describe a scene that represents “beauty and elegance” for you?
Pastel tones that soften in the green like on an impressionist canvas, the encounter with a hellebore that dominates a carpet of violets, the branch of an Iceberg that, impertinent, escapes the binding on a wrought iron pergola.

How do you think you can “infect beauty”?
Showing it, presenting a romantic poem that embraces an ancient iron with the exuberance of leaves and flowers; magic is fulfilled, beauty spreads.

What is a garden for you?
It is the non-place for excellence! In a well-designed garden you enter in a dimension where space and time are hidden and everyone can approach their place and / or their ideal era; this is the aspect that I love most.


Giardini Benatti di Roberto Benatti

Viale Buffoli, 35 - 20095 Cusano Milanino (MI)

Tel e Fax 02.61359769


Giardini Benatti di Roberto Benatti
Viale Buffoli, 35 - 20095 Cusano Milanino (MI) - Tel e Fax 02.61359769 - Email - P.I. 02828940961
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